Art Guide

Artwork Specifications
  • All artwork must be "black on white"; Meaning that we do not print half tones or photos. We DO PRINT multiple colors, but these are simply multiple "layers" of black on white.
  • Make sure the size of your artwork is the actual size you want on the finished product (or slightly larger)
  • When Appropriate, please include crop marks so we know where you want the artwork to be placed on the finished product
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Things YOU should do
before sending your artwork
  • READ THIS PAGE in it's entirety, then ask us questions, we'd love to help!
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE; To make sure your design will look it's best, try to keep it simple.
  • Avoid thin lines; Thin lines (below 1-pt) have a tendency to "close up" in the screen. Meaning that the line will not show up as you might want on the finished product
  • Choose BOLD fonts; Generally, a MINIMUM font size 10 points will work (depending on font style)
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Things WE can do
to help you with your artwork
  • If you are unsure what sizing will be appropriate, We can help you size your artwork to fit the finished product. Be sure to note this when you send us your artwork.
  • We can "reverse the image" (creating a negative image) at no extra charge
  • We do accept "camera ready" artwork; meaning that it can be photocopied, hand drawn, or laser printed; but make sure the ink is BLACK ONLY. Depending on the complexity of the "camera ready" artwork, additional charges may apply
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About Graphics Software
Vector files are preferred whenever possible.

We accept the following formats for PC only!

  • Corel Draw (10 and below)
  • Illustrator (10 and below)
  • TIFF / EPS / PSD (300-600 DPI)

your artwork must be CREATED in these programs...NOT MERELY SCANNED, PLACED, OR IMPORTED

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We DO NOT accept the following formats:

  • Quark Xpress
  • Indesign
Mac users Hints
Sorry no guarantees that Mac files will work.


  • Convert your artwork to a Tiff
  • at 300dpi with no background color (white)
  • export it to a new file
  • When exporting, a window should appear allowing you to save it for IBM PC
  • send us that file.
  • Read the section on FONTS below
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  • Save as an EPS or version 8 (legacy)
  • Convert any Text to Outlines
How to deal with FONTS
  • Fonts are one of the most CRITICAL components of your artwork, they can make "make or break" your final product. So pay very close attention to how you handle them.
  • Send us a copy of your font(s) with your artwork
  • Convert all fonts to curves (a.k.a. outlines) within your artwork
  • At a MINIMUM, tell us the name of the fonts you have used in your artwork
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How to send your artwork
Your artwork can be sent via Postal Mail or by e-mail.

POSTAL MAIL: To speed the process, please address your mail as follows:

Attention: Order Processing
EastBilt Mfg.
PO Box 404
Trumbauersville, PA 18970
  • We accept files sent in on floppies, Zip disks, or CDs.
  • All disks must have paper proof sent along with them, meaning a printed copy or copies
  • Label EACH DISK with filename(s) and format
  • In addition, Label EACH DISK with YOUR name, email address, and phone number

eMAIL: Your artwork can be sent by using our email address.

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Art Specs

Things YOU should do

Things WE can do

Graphics Software Help

Mac users Hints

Dealing with Fonts

Sending Artwork


  • The biggest thing to keep in mind while designing is to keep your graphics SIMPLE
  • You will see these tips mentioned over and over throughout this site
  • Bold, clear lines, Minimialistic Object Design, and Clear Text will all combine to not only make a quality end product, but you will find the creativity of these designs will add an extra element to the "look" of your final product.